Favorite Pub of the Year!

Keegan Ales is Ulster County’s favorite Pub, and with good reason.  At Keegan’s there is always some form of fun things going on.  You may find bands such as live an acoustic blues & rock performed by Doug Marcus, or some local talents, you may even find bands all the way from Ireland.    Stop by there on Thursday night and you can enjoy Mason Jar filled with your favorite Keegan Ales for only $3.00.

 But the thing that makes Keegan Ales, Ulster Happening’s number 1 Pub, is the Beer of course!

For those of you from Ulster County or any other place near and far, who have never tasted Keegan Ales, you certainly do not know what you are missing out on.

Tommy Keegan owner and Head Brew Master, of Keegan Ales, makes 6 different and totally delicious beers. To give you a short run down on the beer that you can enjoy here:

Old Capitol which is golden beer that is crisp and refreshing.   Hurricane Kitty this brew is a coppery and heavily hopped India Pale Ale.   Then of course there is Mother’s Milk which is a dark, and creamy milk stout. You will find hints of oatmeal, chocolate and of course, milk.   Do you like the taste of coffee, if so, then you will love Joe Mama’s Milk, which is made using cold coffee extract from another local business, Monkey Joe’s Roasting Co.  This beer is smooth and delish!   The last two beers are Black Eye and Super Kitty.  Black Eye is a black I.P.A.  and Super Kitty is made once a year.  Keegan has harvest honey from their own hives , they purchase whisky barrels from Tuthilltown in Gardiner and make 1 liter bottles for you to enjoy.

Now let us tell you about the man behind all this.  Tommy Keegan.  This all began for Tommy when in 1994 he bought his dad a home brew kit for father’s day, (who ironically enough led his dad into opening a brewery in Long Island, called the Brick House Brewery!)  Tommy who at this time had a bachelors degree in biochemistry, was very intrigued by the brewing process and returned to the store the following week to purchase one for himself.  Loving the whole process of brewing Tommy then decided to pursue his Master Degree in Brewing Science.   Tommy was not aware at that time, where his education or this journey would lead….

Not until early in 2003 when he learned about a building in Kingston that no one was interested in  purchasing because it was defunct brewery, which had been the home to Woodstock Brewery.   Tommy purchased the building and spent several months cleaning and repairing the equipment that was left in the behind.   In August 2003 Keegan Ales was born, brewing beer and selling it to bars, restaurants.  Today you can find Keegan Ales  in places such as  Saratoga, Hudson Valley, Manhattan, Long Island, Connecticut, and New Jersey.

In April 2007 and, Tommy opened up Keegan Ales the bar.   For almost five years now, people form all over, can stop by and enjoy a cold one, listen to a little music, throw a few darts have something to eat,  and have a great time!

Keegan Ales is Ulster Happening’s number 1 pub, and to celebrate their win and their 5 year anniversary, will be having a BBQ  and bar party on Sunday April, 22nd.  Mark your calendars, and stay tuned for more information on it!